Real leaf handmade pendants

‘With the change of the season….the leaves begin to fall’ 


Real leaf pendants are simply stunning! Each individual leaf is specifically chosen to ensure a perfect pendant can be made. As in nature, each leaf will vary slightly in size, shape and vein pattern. The leaf is first covered with a copper solution before preserving it via an electro forming process. The 24k gold particles within the solution infuse within the delicate leaf, and once polished, result in stunning pieces of jewellery. 


Each pendant comes with a loop chain in sterling silver, rose gold or gold (as shown in photos) with a choice of lengths (16 - 32). I would personally suggest a longer length chain to fully showcase your pendant. The pendants look beautiful on their own or overlapped with another real leaf pendant from my collection (Birch, Beech, Oak, Cottonwood and Maple).  Some clients have even combined breast milk or ashes jewellery with the leaves, with stunning results.