Pure collection

Pure collection

Pure - stunning silver and resin pendant 

A stunning collection of simple but stunning earrings, necklace and ring using resin and set upon 925 silver. The pendant comes with a 18’’ 925 silver chain. Why not treat yourself to the whole set at a reduced price!

Ring - £20
Earrings £20
Pendant - £25
All 3 as a set - £55

I offer a stunning selection of keepsake jewellery made from dichroic fused glass, resin, silver and acrylic.... with an option to infuse breast milk or a loved ones ashes within your piece (please note; Etsy does not allow any transactions that includes breast milk or human ashes, therefore, please contact me directly to order breast milk or loved ones ashes jewellery - Gifts2btreasured@yahoo.com). Whether a simple or complex design, it is a piece of unique jewellery. I offer a range of designs, but I’m open to suggestions if there is something specific you have in mind or you would like to add extra charms, birthstones, initials etc. 

I am a qualified silversmith, therefore, all of my pieces are designed and created by hand. I use a range of traditional and modern techniques and tools to create individual jewellery pieces. All of my pieces will stipulate if 925 silver or pure silver has been used. All pendants come with a 18’’ 925 silver chain (other lengths are available upon request).

Resin pieces are created by using a clear or coloured resin and allowing it to cure. You also have the option of adding a little sparkle, colour or silver, gold or copper flakes should you wish. 

I also create dichroic fused glass pieces, resulting in a stunning piece with an array of colours. The process is different to that of resin. Two sheets of hand cut dichroic glass are delicately fused together within a small kiln for 12 hours. Dichroic fused glass is absolutely stunning and comes in a vast range of colours.