Dichroic fused glass, resin & acrylic jewellery

I design and create beautiful dichroic fused glass, resin and acrylic jewellery. Every single piece is unique and tailored to your wishes. 


All of my designs/pieces can be adapted to incorporate specific colours you would like to combine. The majority of my pieces also incorporate 925 silver and all pendants come with a 18’’ 925 silver chain. As a qualified silversmith, many of my pieces are hand created using traditional and modern techniques/tools.


Please do message regarding colours….almost any colour combination is possible. Dichroic fused glass, resin and acrylic are all beautiful to work with and the outcome is stunning personal pieces that are truly unique. 


I can also incorporate breast milk and loved ones ashes into each piece of jewellery.


Dichroic fused glass jewellery

Dichroic glass has multiple transmitted colours throughout each layer of glass which reflects within light. The colours constantly shift depending on the angle of view and lighting, giving it beauty, life and warmth.


A dichroic glass sheet can have up to 30 elements/sheets within it. 

I begin by hand cutting sheets of plain and dichroic glass into the required size. I carefully add any extra elements to the piece (e.g. copper hearts, personalised items, breast milk, ashes) and fuse two sheets of glass together within my kiln for 12 hours. I can adapt the shape and finish of the pieces by changing the kiln programme.  However, the end result remains the same….stunning pieces which ooze sparkle and intrigue. 

The beautiful colours, patterns and textures within dichroic glass make the design possibilities endless. Each piece, whether a pendant, ring, bangle, earrings or brooch will be incredibly rich and varied. A gift of dichroic fused glass jewellery will forever be remembered as that one of a kind piece no one else will ever have.


Resin & acrylic jewellery


Resin jewellery has become increasingly popular recently. I personally use both freehand and casting resin for my pieces. Resin and hardener are mixed together which solidifies into a very hard, crystal clear plastic. Often I add shimmering colours to the resin, alongside breast milk, ashes, stones, pearls, glitter particles or other natural materials. The time pieces take to ‘cure’ can be anything from a day to a week. 

Acrylic comes in a wide variety of styles and is often used in jewellery making due to its variety of colours and vibrant effects. It is possible to make an entire piece of jewellery just by using acrylic or combine it with metal or silver. Acrylic materials come in sheets, squares and rods, either plain or coloured….the possibilities are endless! My acrylic designs really catch the light and are often admired for the beautiful colours throughout the pieces.