Forever Treasures -

Loved ones ashes jewellery


Some people find it difficult to understand why people would like their loved ones ashes within a piece of jewellery. However, many people get much comfort from knowing their loved one’s ashes are safely nearby. I design and make personalised, unique jewellery which incorporates ashes within resin and dichroic fused glass. 


Resin pieces are created by using a clear or coloured resin, carefully placing the ashes within the resin and allowing it to set. You also have the option of adding a little sparkle, colour or silver, gold or copper flakes should you wish. 


I also create dichroic fused glass pieces, resulting in a stunning piece with an array of colours. The process is different to that of resin. The ashes are carefully placed between two sheets of hand cut dichroic glass and delicately fused together within a small kiln for 12 hours. The ashes are forever retained within each unique piece. Dichroic fused glass is absolutely stunning and comes in a vast range of colours. 


Please note I am able to incorporate both human and pet ashes.