Pure silver jewellery

From my workshop, I design and create a mix of beautiful and unique handmade sterling silver pieces of jewellery.  I'm a trained Silversmith and therefore use a blend of traditional silversmithing techniques and modern ways of working with silver.  Starting entirely from scratch with thin sheets of sterling silver, I hand hand saw the majority of pieces, taking my time with every detail and ensuring its exactly what the client wants. The filing, hammering, casting and soldering processes can take up hours of the day and demands lots of patience! However, silver really is a beautiful material to work with and once melted down, is extremely versatile.  The joy comes after hand polishing each piece when the 'fruits of your labour' truly begin to shine! 


From rings and bangles to necklaces and earrings, the perfect handcrafted sterling silver piece is waiting for you.  Why not personalise your piece with hand stamped letters/words/dates?  Many customers choose to combine sterling silver with breast milk or ashes pieces.